Elm Street:

Memories of a Home


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"Following up on his first book Brookwood Rd., we find Frank Wilcox starting school and beginning new adventure and misadventures with his new friends. Anyone who attended school in the 1950s and 60s will have a great appreciation for Elm Street. Scott Vaughan weaves a wonderful set of stories from childhood featuring a cast of characters everyone can identify. The class clown, the straight A student, the quiet unassuming one, and of course the trouble making bully. Vaughan's character Van Piper seems destined for a career in the Georgia penal system, (not as a corrections officer), and the worst nightmare is a hilarious ride from the past.

Every elementary school teacher will find humor and inspiration within the pages of Elm Street. I enjoyed this book immensely, recalling my memories like they happened yesterday instead yester-year. I hope everyone who reads this book will recommend it to a friend. Great job Scott! Bravo......Please give us more." - Al B.

"After thoroughly enjoying Brookwood Road, Elm Street continues to delight. We live in the real life town where Scott grew up and love the local references. After I had enjoyed the book so much, I began to read it aloud to my boys (10,10, and 8). They have laughed until they've rolled off the bed. It's a real treat for the entire family to enjoy the stories of Frank, Jack, and Wayne Wilcox." - M. Moore.

"Great job on your second book. I was reminded of my school experience in similar circumstances in a small town. For every adventure of the boys in the book, I recalled similar adventures of my own. The best part was the glimpse into a world that has forever passed us by. Good reading that I would recommend to anyone who wants to go back to a time when we could all go anywhere and do anything at anytime of the day and not have any worries from our parents about our safety. I also saw a lot of myself in Frank. Good job Scott. - Amazon Customer

"The mark of a great book is to be taken away to the setting and be involved in the story. Elm Street took me back to a simpler time, and I felt like I was perched on Frank's shoulder for the journey. I smiled, I laughed and at times, felt a keen sense of empathy for our hero as he dealt with happenings that were so serious to a young boy. This book is a great read for all, whether they are young or old, male or female. Elm Street is humorous but so very honest. I enjoyed it immensely and can not wait for more from Mr. Vaughan." - Amazon Customer