Scott Douglas Vaughan is a member of the South Carolina Writers Association.

"Heart-warming, fun, and a hit with Baby Boomers everywhere."

"Scott Vaughan has written and published another award-winner."

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Elm Street:

Memories of a Home

Also by Scott Douglas Vaughan Brookwood Road: Memories of a Home

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In 1965, Frank Wilcox and his friends enter Acorn Primary School

in Acorn, Georgia—about the school and their nearby hometown.

Fun-loving Charlie Keller, thoughtful Lester Freemont, kind Pete Yancey,

and loyal Wendell Mann all play important roles in Frank’s world

as he comes of age.

While written as fiction, Frank’s childhood adventures
are closely based

on the childhood memories of author Scott Douglas Vaughan.

In Frank’s new love of writing, readers can see the seeds planted for Vaughan’s own communications career. 

Vaughan’s tales include obsessing over school spankings,

exploring an old house with Cub Scout friends, confronting

a school bully, struggling with the cursed honor roll, ushering

at Georgia Bulldogs football games, and many other adventures

from the schoolyard to the Acorn courthouse square. In vividly

written stories,

Frank gets his first look at the world beyond the family farm.

With the support of his parents, other relatives, and wonderful teachers

he learns how to dream big and pursue his goals.

This series of wholesome stories will bring out the child in all of us.